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Messages from our Awesome Project Leaders:

With my own experience with previous partners and friends  Who took their own life ,  I clearly realised men need as much love and support as we do .

In this society , we put to much expectation on men to be more , achieve more , look after families , be more , earn more ! All this pressure creates tremendous pressure for a male and sometime they found themselves lost and depressed .

We need to learn how to support our dads , brothers , partners and other male around us with love . Not just expect them to be there for us .

The Manchester Project is all about creating that mental health awareness and support  for Man in our community .

We want to send out as much message as possible that Man out there feel supported , connected and love .

- Jeeshan

What I love about The MANchester Project is that it has opened my eyes and served as a reminder that there’s more to life than just surviving day to day. I’ve realized that there are areas and parts of my life that I’ve deemed as being unimportant and a low priority, so I just pushed them to the side and didn’t bother to deal with them. I was too focused on making money, keeping up appearances, and faking it until I could make it. What was really going on was that I was leaving life behind.

What I got from The MANchester Project events is inspiration and an access to start looking at my life again. I learnt that there are areas of my life I really want to expand on which I’ve neglected for so long and that it’s all possible and available to me. The wide range of speakers and presenters they have are all so passionate about what they do and are so willing to contribute. And the variety of topics they speak about all add in their own way to empowering me to live the life I want to live.

All of this, while supporting a great cause and raising money to help reduce the suicide rates among men and increase awareness of the state of men’s mental health in Australia. It’s all done in a safe, fun, informative manner that seeks to include everyone. While the intention of the evenings is to raise awareness and money for men’s mental health initiatives, the opportunity for anyone attending it to discover themselves from a new point of view. It doesn’t matter whether you’re, male or female. If you have a husband, boyfriend, father, brother, son, uncle, or nephew, you will surely get something from an evening at The MANchester Project.

- Richard

Mental health is as important or rather more important than physical health because if the mind is strong then anything can be conquered. The main aim of this organisation is to spread awareness about mental health and suicide prevention among men and it is doing a commendable job. Everyone on this team is someone who is very dedicated and strives to help men who are seeking help to better their mental state. I wouldn't have asked for anybody else on this journey for me to help other men achieve the stability of their mental state. We have already done two great chapters of this organisation  and the third is just around the corner. This time we are concentrating more on mental and physical health. I know that we are going to succeed in our path to spread awareness about mental health and prevent men from.taking the step to suicide.

- Phanisha

So often many people don't place value on things that they can not see, and mental health is one of those. Especially for men, so many of us have been taught to get our shit together, be tough and bring out our best while hiding our shit to ourselves.

That is the opposite of what we want to do. MANchester Project wants to bring awareness to the significance of mental health to men in an informative and fun way. We connect the community to a variety of topics that aim at how to a holistic lifestyle, and we want to create a community where people can feel safe to express their issues and be empowered. We have been achieving these goals by connecting professional and credible speakers that moved and lifted our audience up and help them recognized the importance of mental health among other things. If you see that resonates with you, we look forward to connect and see you in the room!

- Phuc

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